Remote Counseling — Therapeutic Support For Marriages

If you want to understand your partner better or resolve a conflict between you and your significant other, online marriage therapy can provide you with insight and support. A therapy service may require you to fill out a brief questionnaire, prior to matching you or you and your spouse with a counselor. 

Remote Counseling

Remote counseling is suited for working individuals, parents, and those who have difficulties setting aside time to travel to a therapist. A remote counseling session that is conducted from your home may make you feel more comfortable than if you were to be seated in a therapist's office. During a remote counseling session, you may be provided with the opportunity to speak to a therapist via the phone or a video platform.

Some therapy practices offer multiple ways for a client to communicate with a therapist. A client may be free to email their therapist between sessions or when they would like to schedule an appointment with their therapist. Remote counseling may be conducted during normal business hours or after hours. The counseling services that a therapist offers will be dependent upon a practice's policies. 

Getting Started

A counseling practice may offer marriage counseling, conflict resolution counseling, individual counseling, and more. There may be one or more reasons why you have decided to reach out to a therapist. Maybe you have difficulty communicating with your spouse or feel that you really don't know them the way that you once did. If you and your partner often argue or are distant from one another, you may be in need of some guidance.

A therapist can help you independently or can consult with you and your significant other. At the onset of seeking counseling, you will need to divulge some information about yourself and the reason that you are seeking a therapist's guidance. An online questionnaire will ask some questions about your history and your marriage. You may be asked to describe what triggered you to seek outside help.

If your partner and you have been able to communicate enough to both agree to speak to a therapist, you can indicate this when you sign up for an initial consultation. Your spouse will be instructed to fill out their own questionnaire during the onboarding process. Once you have both submitted your questionnaires, you will be contacted by a therapist. This person will work to uncover any issues in your marriage and will provide you and your spouse with support throughout the journey.

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