Get Therapy Before You Get Married: Premarital Counseling Helps Iron Out Those Relationship Wrinkles

Resolving problems before they snowball is essential for a healthy marriage. Many couples end up in therapy to straighten out issues that they really should have discussed before they went through with their wedding. If you are about to get hitched, you and your future spouse may want to look into premarital counseling just to ensure that there are no major issues lurking beneath the surface. Just be aware that you have to choose a good counselor, or you could end up in a more stressful situation.

2 Ways To Tell If Your Child Has An Eating Disorder

Eating disorders can be very unhealthy and dangerous for anyone, but they are particularly dangerous for teenagers or children. Two ways to tell if your child has an eating disorder are to pay attention to their eating habits and enlist the help of your healthcare professionals. Eating Habits The easiest way to tell if someone has an eating disorder is to pay close attention while they are eating. For example, if you believe that one of your children is anorexic, then he or she will be taking steps to make it appear that they are eating without actually doing so.