Is Your Spouse's Obsession With Their Career Hurting Your Marriage? 3 Benefits Of Going To Marriage Therapy

You might have fallen in love with your spouse's go-getter attitude, and you might have even admired how they could focus so well on a goal. While their ambition has led to many positive benefits for your family, you may now be feeling the strain of always having their mind shifted away from your relationship. Couples often struggle when one or both partners become so intensely focused on their career that they lose sight of what is most important in life. When you've reached the point that you no longer feel like your relationship is a priority, it is time to visit a marriage therapist that can help you save your partnership with these benefits.

Learn Healthy Ways to Express Your Emotions

One of the first things couples tend to work on in therapy is learning how to communicate properly. In some cases, couples set up a negative cycle that involves one partner trying to zone out or escape from the other's constant requests for attention. Meanwhile, the partner who feels ignored continues to increase their emotional outbursts, and this only leads to the other retreating further. Marriage therapists help to break this pattern by helping both partners learn how to listen to each other and respond with empathy. Over time, you can use this skill to let your spouse know when you feel alone, and you'll find that good communication skills help with many issues that occur in a marriage.

Create Boundaries Together

Most likely, your partner's work obsession slowly grew over time. At first, you might have not even noticed them constantly checking their emails, or maybe the occasional phone call at dinner was only a mild annoyance. These events tend to increase as people get more involved in their careers, and it has clearly reached a breaking point. In marriage therapy, you can use a professional's guidance to set boundaries together. For some couples, this might mean spending at least ten minutes alone together when both partners get home from work. For others, it might mean leaving all electronics out of the bedroom at night. Figuring out what works best for you helps you to reconnect.

Find New Ways to Bond as a Couple

Once you have your partner on board with turning their focus to your marriage, you want to avoid becoming bored. Your therapist can help you find new ideas to help bring the feelings of closeness back to your marriage. From going on date nights to finding a hobby that you can do together, you'll enjoy having the opportunity to get to know each other in new and deeper ways.

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