Are You Helping Your Drug-Addicted Teenager?

How did you find out that your teenager was having a serious problems with drug addiction? Did somebody warn you? Perhaps, you were concerned that his or her grades were going down and that he or she was not associating with good friends as he or she used to. No matter the circumstances that you realized that your family was dealing with a serious crisis, you probably had mixed emotions when you found out. On one hand, you were probably devastated to know that your own son or daughter had even tried drugs, much less become seriously addicted. On the other hand, you are more than likely happy to know the truth so that you can help. From having a family meeting to arranging for outpatient treatment service for your drug-addicted teenager, here are some things that might get you through this very difficult time.

A Family Meeting - Do you have other children still living at home? Maybe you have adult children who now have their own families and live in their own homes. Consider having a family meeting, preferably without your teen who is having problems with drug addiction, so that you can be on the same page in trying to help your son or daughter. For example, consider asking all of the members of the family to save at least one evening a week so that your entire family can have fun activities together that will include your son or daughter who is having problems with drugs. At the same time, consider asking individual members of your family to spend one-on-one time with your son or daughter. The point is for your troubled teen to feel very much loved and included without feeling that he or she is being judged.

An Outpatient Treatment Service - You have probably realized that, besides family support, your drug-addicted son or daughter also needs professional help. The ecclesiastic leader at your church, your family doctor, or the school counselor will more than likely have names of reputable counselors who can meet with your child. The meetings might take place at an outpatient treatment center that focuses on treating teens and young adults who have developed an addiction to drugs. Your son or daughter might even meet in a group setting where he or she will share his or her experiences and where he or she will learn things that have helped other people who have the same problem that he or she has. 

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