4 Things Your Invention Service Provider Should Be Willing To Do

If you're looking for an invention service provider to work with, you've probably noticed that there are a of options out there to choose from. Here are a few services to look for when comparing those options and deciding who you want to hire:

Make Submissions for You

Your service provider should be willing to professionally package the components of your invention and create an engaging brochure that can be used to submit your idea to various companies. Once submitted, your service provider should work hard to secure a good-faith review for your invention so you have an opportunity to meet interested companies in person and pitch your invention interactively.

Make a Trade Show Presence

You should also be able to rely on your invention service provider to attend trade shows on your behalf in an effort to make new contacts and open up new opportunities. All the trade show signage, informational brochures, and display designs would be included in this service, as are transportation and material storage arrangements. An added bonus would be if the company you work with displays your specific invention at the trade show without featuring anyone else's at the same time.

Make the Public Aware

It is important that the public becomes aware of your invention in order to generate interest among prospective investors, so make sure that the invention services company you decide to work with is willing to write public announcements and press releases for your invention without giving away any specifics. The company should also submit your publicity material to various publications within the trade industry as well as to online news sources and press release databases.

Make Consultations a Priority

There is no reason to go more than a month without personally meeting with your invention services contact unless you don't want to stay in the loop with how your invention is being received by the public, investors, and companies they have been in contact with. Look for a service provider that can make time to consult with you in person or through a streaming video conference program once a month or more throughout your service contract with them. This will give you an opportunity to have your questions and concerns answered and to figure out whether or not any tweaks in your plans need to be made.

These are just a few of the important services you should be able to expect when working with a company to get your invention noticed and funded. For more information, contact someone like Inventor coach Brian Fried.