Family Problems That Untreated Alcohol Addiction Can Lead To

Even if you know that you have a problem with alcohol, it's easy to dismiss it as something that only affects you. However, the thought of, "It's my body and I'll do what I want with it" might be true, but the reality is that your drinking is also likely to affect your family members in a number of detrimental ways.

If you're having trouble quitting alcohol on your own, time in a rehab facility can help. In this controlled environment, you'll learn to live your life without alcohol, which will be a positive step forward for not only yourself, but also for your family. If left untreated, here are some family problems that can result from your drinking.

Risk of Violence

Sure, you'd never think of getting violent with a family member while you're sober, but you may not be able to hold up this promise when you're drinking. When some people are intoxicated, they become violent in various ways. What might be a calm argument while sober could escalate to a threatening verbal fight while you're drunk—and you may even cross the line by being physically abusive with a family member. Your family members don't deserve this type of behavior, and admitting yourself to a rehab center can make sure that it never happens.

Unhealthy Habits

Being under the influence of alcohol around your children is a concern that can have far-reaching consequences. The immediate thing to worry about is that your children will see this behavior as acceptable. This means that they may begin to drink while they're underage, and soon may find that alcohol is a part of their daily life. Even if you rely on alcohol, you hopefully don't want your children to adopt this unhealthy habit and let it harm their lives, too.

Family Breakup

One of the worst things that can happen to any family is its dissolution, and this is especially tragic when it occurs because of one person's behavior. There's little doubt that your drinking has the potential to tear your family away—your spouse may decide that he or she has had enough and leave you with your children. The breakup of your family can lead to challenges for everyone involved, including feelings of isolation, financial issues, and more. Before this becomes a reality, it's time to think about getting help for your drinking from a licensed rehab center.

To learn more about these issues and to seek treatment for alcohol addiction, visit resources like Center For Behavioral Health.