3 Steps You Can Take to Help Your Marriage Get Out of a Rut

If your marriage has become stale, boring, and uninteresting lately, there are things you can do that might help you get your marriage out of this rut. All marriages have highs and lows, but it often takes intention to get a marriage out of the lows. Here are three things you can do without your spouse's help that may help your marriage become alive once again. 

Change your attitude

In many cases, spouses in a boring marriage develop poor or bad attitudes towards each other. This can happen for many reasons, but changing your attitude could help improve the overall tone of the marriage. As you change your attitude, try to be positive in all things. Try to smile and laugh more, and always try to be happy when you are with your spouse. Your happy, positive attitude might become contagious, and soon your spouse might also feel more positive with life and the marriage.

Start serving more

Marriages can also experience ruts when spouses feel neglected. Unfortunately, when this happens, the neglected spouses often handle the issues in ways that are not effective for actually solving the problems. If you are feeling neglected or if you suspect your spouse feels this way, you may want to start serving him or her more. This may not seem like it makes a lot of sense if you are the spouse who feels neglected, but it can often be the encouragement a spouse needs to serve you back.

Think of one nice or special thing to do for your spouse each day, and try to choose something you know he or she would appreciate. When you do this, do not expect anything in return. Do it simply to serve your spouse. While it may take some time, you will probably notice that your spouse will also begin serving you in special ways. This often happens because a spouse that feels loved through kind gestures wants to return the favors.

Plan alone time

Couples need time alone, and this is one more thing you can plan to help improve your marriage. It does not have to be a fancy date, and you do not even have to leave the house, but you should try to spend some time alone each week.

These are just a few things you can do to help your marriage get out of the rut it is in. If you would like to learn more tips about this, contact a marriage counselor like those at the Living Hope Clinic.