About A Teenager With A Pornography Addiction

Do you suspect that your teenager has been watching a lot of pornographic videos on his or her mobile devices? If your suspicions are correct, it might point to your teen having underlying problems that you are not aware of. It is important for the issue to be addressed, but you must make sure the situation is handled the right way to prevent your teen from becoming angry with you. For example, it is not wise to approach your teen about the situation with an aggressive tone. This article covers some of the things that you can do to get to the bottom of your teen's possible addiction to pornography.

1. Approach Your Teen in a Respectful Manner

The first step to addressing your concern is to start a conversation with your teen about pornography. However, you should bring the topic up in a way that does not make him or her feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. You can begin the conversation by letting your teen know that he or she can feel free to discuss anything with you. The conversation should then lead to you letting your teen know that you suspect he or she has been watching pornography. You can keep the tone friendly and can even make the conversation humorous as a technique for getting your teen to confess.

2. Try to Get to the Bottom of How the Addiction Started

If your teen is open to discussing pornography with you and makes a confession, it will give you the chance to find out how the addiction started. Sometimes going through a traumatic experience earlier in life can bring on bad addictions in teenage years. For instance, if you were ever in an abusive relationship that your teen witnessed, it could have traumatized him or her. Sexual abuse is another common reason for a teen to become addicted to pornography. If your teen does not want to discuss the addiction, getting him or her professional help might be the best resolution to the problem.

3. Hire a Counselor to Help Your Teen Overcome the Addiction

A counselor can help your teen feel more open about discussing his or her pornography addiction. You must understand that sometimes it is easier for a victim to talk to someone that they don't know, especially when embarrassment is a factor. A counselor will find out what started the addiction, and then he or she will work on helping your teen overcome it. For instance, wilderness therapy is a great technique that is sometimes used for treating a teenage pornography addiction. The counselor can give your teen assignments that involve staying away from mobile devices, as well as becoming more active in normal teenage activities.

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